Posted by: Lotus Light | February 24, 2009

Yet another blog attempt!

I have tried so many blogs in China and either have site owner closed down or firewalled or not been able to remember how to reach them!!  So here we go again!

I’m back to studying my Chinese, and also adding a bit of T’tan to the mix, so that when IO head west i can read some signs and communicate a bit.  The saddest thing about learning languages is how quickly they disappear if you ‘forget’ to practice them for a couple of days (or weeks or months!).  They take constant hard work, and I am impressed by my Chinese colleagues, who are always reading English books and asking me obscure meanings of things!  My T’tan New Year resolution is to read ONE book in Chinese this year.  So.. out come my text books, again.

Classes start next week, so I am also preparing material for them.  I have to double up my classes this first month so that I can take 3 weeks off to head home for 2 special weddings!!  Additional classes, plus debate and speech training will keep me VERY busy – but it is all good fun as well.  Listening to the students debate and create speeches on the run is interesting.


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