Posted by: Lotus Light | March 5, 2009

Waxing philosophical – or – in vino loquacious!

I’m watching Slumdog Millionaires.  I watched Lagaan last night, I’ve
been watching "The Sopranos’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘House’ and ‘Black Books’ –
and I’m depressed.  Common denominator, even in the supposed comedies? 
Basically, abuse of power.  Human beings should NEVER have power over
any living thing – not people, animals, the environment etc.  The
moment one human being has the ability to affect the life of something,
abuse begins. Always with ‘justification’.  For everyone’s good, for a greater good, to keep things under control….

But the results are the same.  The abuses of the Hitlers, Idi Amins,
Omar el-Bashirs are echoed around the world, in homes, schools,
offices, workplaces, scout troops, sports grounds, clubs and sewing
circles.  Power becomes seen as a ‘right’ not a privilege.  And when
this power and its abuse are questioned, what happens?  Ask the
minorities in any country. Ask those without the power in offices and
factories and homes. Holocaust, genocide, starvation. Lives are lost. 
Jobs are lost.   Excommunication.     Hazing.    Bullying.    
Harassment.                            All part of the same continuum.

And why?  Because power creates ego, and ego craves more power.  And around we go.

And power over others means we never need to look at our own
inadequacies and weaknesses.  We won’t be made to knit socks again when
we can launch a war.  We won’t be tormented for being short and fat
when we can shoot others.  We won’t be told we are wrong when we can
fire the questioner. Our day isn’t all bad when we can come home and
kick the dog.

I think I need to watch different movies.

Less depressing loquacity…

Teaching is a joy.  Every day I am reminded of the richness and
pleasure language can bring.  When I teach writing, I write more, when
I teach literature, I read more, when I teach Oral English, I listen
more, when I teach culture, I appreciate differences more.  Learning
another language re-introduces me to the complexities of my own

The emotions held in simple words – green hat.  No Chinese person would
pay $A16,000 for a green hat.  No Chinese person wants to be given a
green hat because of the implications and emotions contained within it.
Here a green hat implies an unfaithful wife.  So even using the words
creates a mix of mirth and embarrassment.  But the ‘baggy green’ for
many Aussies – a joy!  So much fun to work through examples like this.



  1. Wow! I like your writing! I can not agree with you any more and it\’s you who bring me to the interest of different cultures. To be your student is very lucky! Chenqi

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