Posted by: Lotus Light | March 12, 2009

Black buses, green buds and random musings.

Last weekend I had to return from the new campus using public transport.  The students walked me to the bus stop and waited with me until the scheduled bus arrived.  BUT … it was WAAAAAY too full.  Squishing on would have had me falling out the minute the door opened at the next stop.  So they decided this was not a good idea and I should wait for the next one.  A few minutes later an unmarked transit van pulled up, and a woman popped her head out asking if anyone wanted a ride.  The students decided that this ‘bus’ would be fine for me.  1Y more than the normal bus, guaranteed seat – no standing because then we wouldn’t look like legitimate transport, and much quicker because we only need to stop at the places people said they wanted to get off.   The black buses are also very brave about skipping over to the wrong side of the road or zooming up the bicycle-ways to bypass congestion.  On-coming traffic is no deterrent. If there is a market in China – then there is a supplier!! Capitalism at its most useful.   Open-mouthed

My 2nd (or 3rd Smile) favourite season is arriving.  Winter is leaving, although this year the snow was really scarce and I think winter should be made to stay here until I give it a passing grade.  More snow required!!  The trees outside my apartment have grown and dropped their cat-tail seed pods, the gardeners have filled the plant stands with early blooming primulas, and outside my classroom the willows are in bud.  Such a soft beautiful green, fuzzing the grey, winter branches.  Heart-breakingly beautiful.

My classes are in full swing again.  Or even more than full swing as I am running all of my ‘make-up’ classes for the time I will be back in Oz.  Working 6-8 hour days, leaving home at 7:30am and returning after 6:00pm, with coaching and preparation on top SUCKS!  By late afternoon I rely on the energy of the class to keep me going.  I’m so pleased they have energy to give me!

After the holidays it seems that more romances bloom.  There are more couples in the classes, so the students must go home and realise that they miss a particular person more than they thought they would, so when they come back, the romance ignites.  Maybe a few couples break up, maybe some also don’t miss each other as much as they thought they would.  It is nice to see people enjoying each others company, caring about each other.  And for them now, it is the easiest time to be in love.  No work/family responsibilities, no pressures from family to do anything but study. 

There is a new shop outside the university gate. It hasn’t been open any time I’ve been past, and I can only speculate as to what it sells, or what service it provides.  What would a business called Mr Lonely do??Wink


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