Posted by: Lotus Light | October 28, 2009

New beginnings

The seasons are changing.  Summer gave way to autumn a couple of weeks ago, but the trees and weather took until now to notice.  This week the ginko leaves have begun to turn a glorious yellow; the plane trees are confused – leaves are mixed gold, green and brown.  The rose bushes are empty of flowers, some faded and eaten petals hanging loosely.  But as each season arrives, I feel a surge of energy, a desire to change with the season.  Many resolutions accompany these seasonal changes.  And of course, like all resolutions, centre around perfection.  Perfecting my Chinese, making my apartment perfectly clean and tidy, setting up my computer to manage my class records to perfection, exercising  and dieting so I can fit perfectly into clothes sitting in my wardrobe. Such perfect plans, such  neat organisation for these changes in my head.

However,  if all or even most of these new beginnings that come with the new seaons don’t work out quite perfectly, at least most of them work out to some extent.  I have organised my class lists, gone to the gym, nibbled on carrots instead of chocolate.

But not only do I have new seasons to inspire new beginnings, I also have house moving.  Next week, I will move from one apartment to another.  My new apartment is so clean and shiny.  New paint, new furniture, new fittings, a lovely new kitchen.  So of course, I make new resolutions as well.  To sit on the sunny balcony and study my Chinese, to cook more than the simplest of meals, to not add more things to my life now that I have gone through the old and given way, tossed out, burned things were no longer needed.  The apartment is so clean, so beautifully bare of accretions that I don’t really want to move into it, don’t want it to lose the look of simplicity and peace.  But I will move in.  I’ll put things carefully into new storage spaces, tidy things so, for a week or so, it looks lovely.  Then – there will be a pile of papers waiting to be marked on the floor beside the lounge chair . A rug will be left, tossed over a chair from the evening snuggle down to watch a DVD, a cup of half drunk tea beside it.  I will have settled in properly and the perfection of it will gradually disappear.

Each new change brings with it a new beginning, and how far this new beginning takes us depends on so much and so little.  How much energy will I place on achieving perfection?  How many of my resolutions will be taken over by new activities, new responsibilities, new plans? 

Then I will wait for winter to arrive, bringing with it another chance to make more new beginnings.




  1. 人應該做自己認為對的事,而不是一味跟著群眾的建議走。—-歡迎來我們的論壇看看哦!

  2. can\’t wait to see your new appartment:)

  3. welcome join us!! i-book 閱讀網

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