Posted by: Lotus Light | March 24, 2010

Future – hope, joy, excitement and a little apprehension

Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows
  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

It is SPRING!  Cool and breezy enough to require a coat, but warm enough to wear sandals.  After winter, spring is my favourite season. Watching the world come to life again, seeing the birds return to build nests, smelling the garden full of beautiful perfumes.  Leaving my apartment, even to go to work, is a joy. 

Not only is it new life for the earth, but also it is graduation time for the students, so the air is filled with hope, joy … and a little apprehension.  The students around me graduating have been students for between 19 and 22 years – all post-graduates.  They are now headed out of the safety of a university, away from their friends, dorms and familiar world into the unknown.  They will spread across China, all hoping to create a new, exciting life for themselves.  Their happiness is tangible, their sadness at leaving friends behind hidden behind bright smiles and many hugs.

And yet underneath this joyous season, there is still sadness.  I see students who have failed, unable to join their friends in celebration, sitting at the edges, alone and watching.  I see others who have chosen to live in a bleak and joyless winter, not the winter of glorious snow and beauty, but of sleet and bitter winds; unable to take the steps forward to a new life.  They want to push their bitterness, their pain onto others.  They use their positions, their roles to attempt to spread their grey and bitter winter world.  I can only feel sadness and pity for those people.

Spring gives us all the opportunity to renew ourselves, to find the seeds of growth, of happiness and of new life within; Spring supports our quest to find a deeper internal relationship with ourselves, providing a chance to look past our winter chills and losses to create a new vision. 


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