Posted by: Lotus Light | April 1, 2010


I don’t usually post shots of myself, because I am much happier behind the lens than in front of it.  But this one seems to epitomise what is good about my life.  I am in one of my favourite places on earth, in my favourite weather conditions, doing one of my favourite activities, and the shot has been taken by a good friend.

For me, knowing when I am happy is important.  Expressing happiness is important.   Today is another day when I can say "I am truly happy".  Contact with my daughters; and half-a-dozen young adults who have just piled out of my house, after a couple of them spent the night here.  Lively, intelligent, articulate young people are always fun to be with.  Arguing hot topics with them, discussing issues, sharing meals and and drinks, playing vicious games of yahtzee or UNO and listening to their plans for their futures- these activities make me happy.

Having space to think, to write in, work on my studies and my photography, time to read peacefully or watch a movie or two; this makes me happy as well.

This week I have been extraordinarily lucky.  Several people I had not heard from for a long time  (in one case, for over a year), contacted me and we are arranging to meet and enjoy each others company again. People who I thought were acquaintances showed me that they were actually good friends. I found things I thought were lost, I won at games, I had an article and photographs published in a national newspaper. I banqueted with teachers and friends, ate kao rou in the rain, laughing and joking with friends. I have tickets for travel to Guangzhou for a week.

Many tiny things create happiness.  New leaves on trees.  The incredible song of birds returning after winter.  Sitting on a sun-warmed balcony reading a good book.  Eating kao rou with friends. The smell of fresh popcorn.

I have a belief that if you don’t recognise all the goodness around you, then it will disappear.  I take this even further.  If you don’t actively look for the good, for beauty in all its forms, for happiness, for moments of joy, then you will never find them.  You will find what you focus on – and if it is pain and misery, anger and bitterness, sadness and betrayal .. that is exactly what you will find.

If my life is to be happy and fulfilled, then I need to focus on seeing and enjoying the moments as they arrive.

I am happy. Happiness is a good state to be in!



  1. Hi, Deborah. I am a bit different, but in final analysis, it may only be in terms of how one defines a word. For me, it is about peace, not happiness. I am a quiet person and get tired with too much of outer life. I do enjoy teaching those same young adults you teach (same as in being Chinese uni students or perhaps Canadian students) who are so vital. I enjoy activities with them in smaller bits and pieces. I wonder if for me, it is more about finding balance than it is about the periods of active live versus contemplative, meditative life? For me, bliss is in trying to balance each of my needs rather than denying those needs; giving each need a time in the sun. Thanks.

  2. Balance is important. If I have too much peace and quiet. I find I don\’t want to come out. I am happy in my quiet world, and turn further and further inward. But if I have too many activities, or am surrounded by people for too long, then I become impatient and snappy. I need both to function well. Chunks of each work – days of energy, followed by days of peace. But I like to know that at least one day per week I can have a \’hidden\’ day, when no-one knows where I am or what I am doing. A day totally to re-balance myself. Give me that and I am fine.

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