Posted by: Lotus Light | April 23, 2010


Ah, a long lazy afternoon, spent with friends, talking, laughing, nibbling and quaffing.  Not too many better ways to spend some time.

We need to make sure we leave time for relaxing, for enjoying our friends, for letting go of the world and its worries for a few hours.  So often we feel that unless we are ‘doing‘ something that has some benefit for our family, career, studies etc we are wasting time.  Spending time with friends is important, spending time to relax is equally important for our heath and well-being.  Without this time where we let the world look after itself, we lose our own energy to play our part in the world.

Without time spent with our friends or family, just chatting, just enjoying being with them, then we begin to see people only as commodities to be used or ‘things’ to be taken care of.  These attitudes creep into our unconscious, spoiling friendships and relationships.  To develop and maintain good relationships with those around us, we need to step out of our busy roles as parents, children, colleagues, students, bosses, workers etc and just become people, and especially people at rest.  Only when we are relaxed and peaceful can we give others a chance to know us more thoroughly.  When we are so busy that we fit our family in between the dishes and our friends become voices on the end of a phone or abbreviated text messages, then we are creating barriers between us.

When we are so busy that we have no time to sit at peace by ourselves, then we lose the chance to reflect on our lives, on our growth, on our space within the universe.

Put aside the to-do list, let the assignments take care of themselves for a few more hours:  take the time to sit with yourself, take the time to relax with friends.  No appointments this weekend…..



  1. yes, it is. We need those relaxing moments with friends,not thinking of careers,houseworks,families,responsibilites to all them, just put aside for a moment. Be the real self with friends,free the body and mind at those moments, it seems we wasted time,but the fact is,we accumulated more energy after…

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