Posted by: Lotus Light | November 11, 2010

The small things

NO parking problems for this driver!  Walking around the  streets of China is a joy because of all of the small things, things seen that show more about life here than any large monument or famous site would ever show – just like this photo.

Little children in China seem to graduate immediately from a pram or Grandma’s arms to these ‘vehicles’ – bikes, cars, trains etc.  They ride them, or are pulled along on them everywhere. And when Mum is having a cuppa in a local coffee shop – they park them in the car park! A few minutes after I took this, mum and the littlie came out, and away the toddler went – perfectly happy to have parked her car with the big cars.  I’m not so sure Aussies looking for a car park would have avoided taking this spot.  🙂

The small things give me so much enjoyment, here or anywhere in the world. Large piles of autumn leaves and the intense gold of the ginkgo trees are making me really happy at the moment.  Things like a couple of my previous students asking me to lunch – and when I arrive, I find it is a birthday party and they wanted me to share the day.  Small things like waking each morning to er hu music or tai qi music in the park below me, being serenaded to sleep by someone practicing their flute.  Being saluted each day as I pass through the gates of the campus in the campus bus.  Military style salutes as the bus trundles through.  Why? … Just because. Small gifts of pearl earrings or tea from a favourite shopkeeper.

Small funny things – people asleep on top of the counter in their shop; toddlers asleep on the shelf of a shop – “How much?”,  I wonder.

Forget the big monuments, the fantastic whatever – look for the small things.  They are there, everywhere and say so much more about the world you live in.



  1. Yes, the small things 🙂 They all add up to paint a priceless panorama of a culture.

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