Posted by: Lotus Light | December 30, 2010

Time for fun!

Most Chinese cities have a bar area where you can have a few ales with your mates and listen to some live music.  This image shows my favourite guitar player in full flight.  Chinese pop music tends to be a bit sweet, but there are some very good rock bands and a few metal or punk bands that are making the grade as well.  Not all music in China is Beijing Opera!

On January 1st, 2011 the “No Smoking in Public Places” rule comes into operation.  I’ll be watching with great interest… no smoking at dinner?  Ok let’s see!  No smoking in the bars… ummm…  This will be a major change for socialising in China.  Cigarettes are de rigueur for business meetings, placed prominently on tables at weddings, exchanged ritually when introduced.  A relatively smoke-free China will be amazing!  And I won’t have to have an immediate shower and hairwash as soon as I come home from a bar!!  🙂

The Chinese Gov’t is spending a chunk of money on the arts – new theatres are opening; art spaces are being developed; orchestras (traditional and western) are being funded.  This is all good for the public and artists.  More could be used to support modern music – the policy seems to be to ignore these genre in favour of more accepted music, but somehow I think that the modern bands will soon begin making their impact overseas.

Ali – the guitarist in the pic – writes his own music and arranges traditional Xinjiang pieces for his folk-rock performances. His music is strong, lively and he has fantastic stage presence.

Head for the local bar street and look for some live music… don’t believe that there is nothing happening in China except the er hu played by old men in the parks!


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