Posted by: Lotus Light | March 1, 2012

Koh YaoYai

I was lucky enough to be invited to a mate’s wedding in Thailand. It was on Koh Yao Yai, an absolutely beautiful place to live, gorgeous to visit, and very romantic for a wedding. Dawn at BangRong Pier brought movement on the river and the glimpses of islands in the distance.

The commuters start early to head off to waters unknown, using the traditional long-tail boats.

Morning commute

The farm houses made of plaited bamboo and thatched rooves work so well in this climate, and underneath most of the houses, the locals hang several hammocks. Ideal way to spend the hot summer hours.  As soon as the roof goes on new construction, the hammocks are installed for the workers.  🙂

Farm house

My little abode wasn’t a farm house though… 🙂

My 'donga' in the jungle.

My apartment was fun.  This gorgeous verandah, with its massive sofa surrounded by mosquito netting made me feel very ‘mem sahib-y’, and I enjoyed curling up on that reading during the midday.  Early morning the wooden chairs were just right for sitting in the morning sun, drinking tea.  Inside was a large air-conditioned bedroom with a massive bed.  🙂  Beside that was a nice sized ante-room as spare space, clothes storage and bathroom, but with the shower outside, open to the sky.  Nice after a swim or early in the morning.

Next-door neighbour

Lots of birds lived near me, but each morning I would hear these little fellas skipping around the treetops, and running up and down the banana and palm fronds.   Much nicer to wake up to than the steady growl of traffic I have in Xi’an.

Resort rice paddy

The area retains  local traditions and industries – rice paddies are still cared for, next door a rubber plantation is filled with trees holding small black cups to catch the sap, mats made from the rubber dry under houses.  A quick look at the long-tail boats show that as well as the tourist boats many are set up for fishing, lobster farms are close by and big fish traps are within a short boat ride.  Tourism is growing, but not taking over (yet).

Hard day's fishing

OK – this one was maybe break time.  Other fishermen I saw were very busy.  But this looked pretty good to me.  Nice peaceful hidden lagoon, shade during the heat, lovely surroundings.


One of the things I really miss in China – beautiful skies.  But here we had glorious sunrises and sets, beautiful cloud formations and reflections in the water. Very inspiring and very peaceful.

Boat graveyard - tsunami reminders.

Even surrounded by so much beauty, and for me, luxury, there are still reminders that things in the world go very badly wrong.  I met tsunami survivors – one who spent 6 months in hospital having numerous operations to repair the damage caused by the tsunami.  This boat graveyard was where the boats were tossed by the waves.  So many people I spoke to talked about how lucky they and their families were.  They spoke of fear and hiding and hoping, but mostly of luck and gratitude.

Lovely ladies lounging at the pool

On a lighter note – decorations for the wedding.  🙂

End of spring beauty

Koh YaiYai is WARM – so spring flowers arrive early – and depart when the heat arrives.  This gorgeous lotus was one of the few remaining in the resort lotus lake.  It’s beauty is not diminished by its age.

The Triffids exist!

And there are some very strange plants… anyone know what this is?  I loved the shapes and ‘alien’ look.

Romantic wedding

And the reason for this lovely visit… Beautiful wedding, beautiful setting.

The islands and clouds - just magic!

The obligatory islands image from this gorgeous place.  But with those amazing clouds as well.

A wonderful few days in a wonderful place!



  1. Ahhhh, you live a charmed life :-). Great post!

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